Munari Cavani Studio Legale assists Italian and foreign clients on matters of Italian or international law, focusing particularly on civil, corporate and business law. We try to propose original and efficient solutions and consultancy at a national and international level, in accordance with the highest standards of commitment, reliability and precision, which have always been the distinctive features of our work.


Munari Cavani Studio Legale assists individual and corporate customers both in pre-litigation and during the course of litigation, for civil and commercial legal proceedings.
In particular, the Firm addresses litigation in the various areas of corporate law, banking and insurance relating to intellectual and industrial property, telecommunications, printing, contractual and tort liability, investigation and control activities of the Supervisory Authorities.

The Firm has also developed specific, deep experience in the field of defective and dangerous products, as in the case of damage deriving from smoke and pharmaceuticals and in the professional liability field. Our lawyers represent the clients in judicial proceedings before ordinary and special Judicial Authorities (including higher courts), such as the Antitrust Authority and the Advertising Self-regulation Jury, as well as in arbitration proceedings governed by different substantial or procedural laws, and specific procedures and regulations.


Munari Cavani Studio Legale assists private clients and companies in crisis and insolvency situations. In particular, the Firm provides assistance in drafting restructuring plans, in negotiating agreements for restructuring and consolidating debts under the bankruptcy law and in the process of corporate reorganisation and rationalization, possibly aimed at rescue operations through acquisition or disinvestment. Where bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings have started, Munari Cavani Studio Legale assists clients through all the bankruptcy stages, if any, with composition with creditors, extraordinary administration of large insolvent firms or compulsory administrative liquidation. The assistance also includes protection (judicial and extra judicial) of credit positions in relation to other insolvency procedures.


Munari Cavani Studio Legale assists its Italian and foreign clients on special operations, both in Italy and abroad, offering services relating to acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers and transformations, purchases, sales, exchange and transfer of shares and other equity, drafting of shareholder agreements, issuance of debt securities, stock options and guarantees, sale and contribution of companies and businesses, private equity transactions, joint venture agreements, cross- border investment, establishment of an EEIG, funding for acquisitions.

The Firm has extensive consultancy experience in relation to business reorganisation, in the creation of control models and equity instruments, both with respect to listed companies and medium-large firms and with reference to family businesses and issues related to generational transitions.


Munari Cavani Studio Legale provides consulting services and assistance to private clients and companies in every aspect and stage of their business activities, with a view of authentic functional partnership with our clients.

In particular, the Firm has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting commercial agreements, such as sale of goods and services, supply and distribution agreements, franchising, leasing, factoring, agency contracts, outsourcing of services, procurement and licensing, both in Italy and abroad.
Any matter of corporate law related to ordinary and extraordinary activities of listed and unlisted companies falls within the competence of the professionals working in the Firm.
The Firm supports enterprises and entrepreneurs from simple tasks relating to the incorporation, drafting and modification of by-laws, to the more sophisticated aspects, such as the definition of corporate governance, the drafting of shareholders’ agreements, transactions on capital contributions, loans, issuance of bonds and debt securities, winding up and liquidation.
Thanks to a network of foreign correspondents, selected among the leading law firms specialising in different areas and selected for the specific needs of the clients, the Firm also assists clients in cross-border transactions or with their foreign operations.


Munari Cavani Studio Legale provides assistance to domestic and foreign companies on issues related to the competition and anti-trust fields. The Firm assists clients with general and preventive advice in relation to the negotiation and drafting of agreements to comply with industry regulations. The Firm provides assistance and legal aid in any legal proceedings before the sectoral, community and national competent jurisdictions: from TAR to the Council of State; from the Antitrust Authority, to the European Commission and to the Authority for Communications .

The Firm has developed special expertise in defence practices for objections to concentration, in proceedings related to the abuse of dominant position and preliminary investigations regarding misleading advertising.


Munari Cavani Studio Legale gives legal assistance to entrepreneurial leaders in the media, broadcasting, telecommunications and publishing industry.
Partners and professionals of the Firm have been active in this particular field for many years, and they have gained the experience and skills necessary to deal with and solve any type of legal issue relating to ordinary activities and extraordinary operations of television companies, publishing houses and telecommunication companies.

In particular, the Firm assists its clients, both in extrajudicial and during litigation, with particular expertise in the area of agreements related to advertising, sponsorship and product placement.


Munari Cavani Studio Legale provides advice and assistance, both judicial and extrajudicial, in the field of industrial and intellectual property law.
Assistance is given to Italian and foreign companies operating in various business sectors, in particular fashion and luxury goods, technology, software, publishing, media, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications.

Among the competencies of the Firm, are included general advice in relation to sale and licensing of trademarks, patents and know-how, as well as legal assistance in the field of trademarks and patents, copyright and unfair competition.


Munari Cavani Studio Legale offers professional assistance related to various issues that might involve the artistic and cultural heritage and, in general, the art world (with specific focus to pictorial, photographic and cinematic art, etc.). In particular, Munari Cavani Studio Legale provides its Clients with – civil, contractual, corporate and intellectual property laws – assistance in relation to purchases, transfers, lending of works of art or cultural heritage, generational handovers, management and property development, at the initial stage (e.g.: structuring of transactions; drafting and negotiation of confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, memorandums of understanding, non-binding offers, etc.), in the stages for the drafting and negotiation of binding agreements, as well as their implementation and their subsequent management. Munari Cavani Studio Legale offers its professional assistance and advise related to the incorporation and management of non-profit organizations, as cultural and fine-art associations and foundations.


The advice and assistance to non-profit organizations and associations is not so widespread . The Firm has considerable experience in this area alongside organizations, associations and foundations under development , but also in raising the necessary funds .

This assistance  is also expressed in ongoing support for organizations, associations and foundations that are side by side in carrying out their activities .


Munari Cavani Studio Legale provides advice and assistance in the field of banking law and regulatory matters. 

In particular, the Firm provides advice and assistance to both Italian and foreign clients in the incorporation of Italian asset management companies (SGR), Italian investment companies with variable capital (SICAV), Italian investment companies with fixed capital (SICAF), and in the relevant authorization procedures. 

In addition, the Firm offers its advice and assistance to Italian asset management companies (SGR) and to investors in transactions for the launch of (and/or the acquisition of stakes in) mutual investment funds as well as transactions for the transfers of stakes held in mutual investment funds.